Last Light

by Our Time Down Here

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Requiem 01:18
Your time is up. Now you’ve come of age, the weight of the world is out taking names. Waiting for the clouds to open for you, how do you move on when you just sit and wallow? Whilst searching for substance in the strangest places, you’re gunna live and die here on friends with stranger’s faces.
I can’t carry on like this, not at this pace. I’m more awkward than ever at this these days. I’m trying to be better without waking with regret. I’m trying to fill the gap between sober and drunk and still fill the hole that’s in my bed. See I don’t know where we both first met. I’ve just opened my eyes to find your lips on mine but in the morning I’ll pretend to forget. This should be so easy. You’re beautiful and I’ve had a few drinks and I’m saying the right things. But this city makes me sick, another night at Unit. “I’m sorry I can’t stay” at least that’s what I’ll say. I wish this was a normal night here with John, Ricky, Ian and Tommy. But the people I’m with aren’t people I really know. It’s just you and me and awkward silence. Even though I’m home, I’ve not felt more alone.
A Paper Ring 01:01
Once again you’re sat across from me, I see you here every night. That probably says, about as much about me as it does for you. You say the same things to me every night, that as you grow up your problems only mature as do your insecurities. “But don’t say what you feel. It’s not always for the better; you’ll just constantly upset her.” You spend your whole life just walking the same street, cold tarmac on dirty bare feet. You’ve got to know where to draw the line. Streetlights block the moon and stars from your eyes and I don’t want to walk the same road home anymore.
Draper 03:57
Have we always been lost? I can’t recall a harder bridge I’ve crossed. Restless and endless, you’re most beautiful when you’re quiet. And I can sympathise, the world seen behind the darkest eyes seems bright; delicate and deadly, you don’t know how much this haunts me. This was a risk I wasn’t ready for. Another night, another corner store. With wishes I borrowed when I drained the well, I’m wishing myself unwell. And at night when you fall asleep, do you lay happy or do your bones creek with regret at your life for let? Like a burning building we reach a slow warm collapse. My heart compacts into my chest and then I’m closer than you’d let me get. “Am I allergic to intimacy” you said “because it makes me so fucking sick”. Beyond a feeling and beyond a fear, I can’t stop these shakes it seems impossible to.
Tiny Teeth 02:58
Every time I close my eyes to go to sleep I end up taken back to where the memories run most deep. I can’t erase. I can see the hall where the piano plays itself, overlooking trains and mountains. They where days without age, you let them slip away. Do you remember a time before you felt this low? Spires in the snow? We walked here together, forever ago. There where certain songs that used to console me but it seems my record collection’s useless these days. So I trace the lines, try embrace the signs that you’re growing up and giving up. I can’t relate but if its a choice between being bitter and cold and growing old and bitter I know where I’ll remain. I can’t erase. Can’t find my place. Do you like me, or just the idea of me? Where do I fit In here?
I’ve been here before and it’s more and more depressing each time around, I wish I could cut my loss and walk away. Tears are running down your face and it seems like days since I’ve been ok. I just can’t help feeling defeated all of the time. You’re all dressed up again and heading out. But the things that really count here, you just can’t count. But I’m still trying. Lying in the rain, I sing a small refrain just to myself because I’ve got no one else. I’m not back home for a week and am trying not to text you at the show I’m at. I hate all of these bands and miss all of my friends. Do you ever feel you peak and are at your most epithetic on your weakest weeks? I’m still shut down. “I don’t believe in modern love” So when you say “don’t call me again” does that affect what you said about not wanting to stop being friends? I guess we’re both dead ends and I can’t feel the same way. Our lives cross so rarely. I can’t feel the way I did back then.


LAST LIGHT was recorded lovingly by Neil Kennedy and Steven Bega (who we cannot say enough good about) at The Ranch Production House in Southampton in between numerous tours in the second half of 2010. A big thank you to our dear friend Tommy Russel from Defier ( for his guest vocals on ‘Tiny Teeth’ and to him along with Steve Bega for singing gang vocals along with the rest of OTDH throughout the CD.


released January 10, 2011

The fact that we can’t fit all the people we’d like to thank into a reasonably sized document is a tribute to exactly how lucky we’ve been these past four years. There are so many people and bands that’ve gone above and beyond, believed in and supported us to this point. We’re conscious more each day of how blessed we are to have made such amazing friends all over the world and how much of the world we’ve been able to see simply from playing in this shitty punk band.

To the front row singers and dancers, every person who has ever given us a show or a tour, the late night lyric book confident, anyone who has ever bought a shirt or a record, to the one’s who just don’t fit in anywhere else, to those who’ve grown with us till now and to the one’s who’ll be there at the end; you truly ‘get it’ and forging that personal connection with you is by far our greatest accomplishment. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


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Our Time Down Here Southampton, UK

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